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Good quality food pleasant staff

Craig, 31 May 2021

I love the food and it's very tasty. The prices are very good as well.

Fash, 17 May 2021

I received my order on the 12/5/2021 and the two mango dips have spilt in the calzone pizza box. I ordered the dips for the kebab as on your website there is no option for this to be added onto a kebab. I have a photo and if it’s needed I can forward this on to you

Lee, 12 May 2021

Tasty food , had take aways alot

Julie, 07 May 2021

Use this place a lot, both walk in and order, via just eat/uber but love their app. So easy to use. Love the fact you can order and they will send a text to say when ready saves hanging about or can order before leaving work and collect on way home.

Kristina, 05 May 2021

Top quality food and service

Craig Waite, 21 Apr 2021

Top service great food

Carters Arms , 21 Apr 2021

Said I'd get 15% off but didn't

Aaron, 19 Apr 2021

Best pizza around, always recommend.

Joanne, 17 Apr 2021


Blake, 12 Apr 2021


William, 07 Apr 2021

Kelly, 08 Mar 2021

Hi, I ordered a couple of kebabs last night (22nd) for £16.69 and they never arrived...not a big problem but grateful if you could refund that money. I tried to call loads but no answer. Thank you, Alan (31 Manor Drive)

Alan, 23 Feb 2021

  Reply : Morning Alan Because of british telecommunication ongoing work our telephone n Internet is out of service since yesterday we really apologies to all my customer for this inconvenience I authorised your refund it will be with you shortly I hope this will be resolve soon and we be happy to serve you soon . Stay safe n eat tasty Regards Team Tasty bites


Awesome as always guys thank you x

Sarah, 23 Feb 2021

Nice food but mixed up a burger and sent beef instead of chicken and daughter wont eat beef so didn't have any food as they were too busy to send back out . Promised to send a free burger next delivery bit disappointing as it cost us 37.00

Sharon, 17 Feb 2021

25 mins late and cold

Leah, 11 Feb 2021

Great burgers and even better kebabs.

Michael, 26 Jan 2021

hi. I wanted to order chicken from you this evening, I couldn't seem to find the family buckets on your website.

Dave, 23 Jan 2021

  Reply : We do family bucket please place on order by phone we will happy to dilvery you Our no is 01619983333 Have nice weekend Tasty bites

Great burgers.

Michael, 17 Jan 2021

Been using for a while now. Started off really well, recently though, every single delivery is late and I have to phone a number of times to chase it up. This evening it was half an hour late and when I phoned the lady I spoke to seemed to have no idea about where my order was. She told me the time that I’d asked for my food to be delivered- which was 18:05, I managed to get through at 18:25- then asked if I’d expected it to be delivered then. Like, who doesn’t expect their food to be delivered at the time they’ve ordered it for? Then said she’d check where it was and without checking said she knew the driver would be here soon as she knew the order had left the shop. It was then another 10 minutes before it arrived. The wait time is getting longer and longer with each order. I think we’ll probably look to order elsewhere now as it’s not great service and there’s no apology when it eventually gets delivered or when I phone. I get they may be busy but they’re offering a service, an apology for consistent and prolonged lateness would be expected

Lisa, 16 Jan 2021

  Reply : I really apologies Lisa for your late delivery and I appreciate your feedback is always welcome I will definitely try more harder next time to be more faster unfortunately on busy days we can't change time as on website its always gives 45 mint max window I will definitely work this out n try our level best.

Guys you can’t keep not providing chips with 3 piece chicken. £4.50 should involve chips. Been a customer for about 8 years and just received chicken with no chips. Very Disappointed

Ste, 11 Jan 2021

  Reply : thank you so much for staying with us so long its really a pleasure to hear from our customers feedback our menu price is 4.50 i will definitely look into it again and do my best thank you so much for your feedback.

Always on time or early, always hot and delicious.

Phyl, 04 Jan 2021

Been using tasty bites for years an ordered the same meal every time the "kebab deal" an since the new owners have took over twice they have got my order wrong they are putting donner an chips together when ive always ordered previously an got a donner kebab in nan and chips seperately. the first time i rang an complained an they rectified i have now ordered it again an its come wrong again no kebab in nan just donner an chips.. Awful service

Brett, 03 Jan 2021

  Reply : So sorry to hear that you didn't get your order right can you please advise us how you like we will try to keep it same can you please in your message write separate chips just for kitchen staff Team tasty bites

Always turns up hot and fast delivery

Noname, 02 Jan 2021


Joel, 01 Jan 2021

Very polite delivery driver, apologised for being late. Paid £3.50 for a milkshake and they forgot it, 2nd time it’s happened now!

Ryan, 30 Dec 2020